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Published on November 15th, 2012 | by coleslaw


women in panties

Most women realize in early puberty that men worship them. Each man has his own niche; some love female hair, others enjoy how women walk. And then there are men who love the sight of a lady in a pretty, hot pair of panties. But what it is about women in panties? Read more to find out…

Women and their panties
Panties are obviously a very intimate part of a woman’s sexuality. They’re nothing to show the world; who gets to see them anyway is privileged. Not only that: Some women are even willing to sell their worn panties for a more or less high amount of money to men able to pay their prices. Not only is the sight of a lady in panties erotic, the panties themselves adopt their individual female smell and offer a source of sheer infinite pleasure to men with a corresponding fetish. It isn’t just about getting hold of such an intimate piece of clothing, however, it’s about the pretty woman they used to belong to as well. And as most men will never meet the lady who sold them the pair of panties, they need pictures for proof, for giving their imagination a little kick, and for seeing beforehand what they’re actually going to pay money for.

You don’t need to take a full body photo of you wearing the panties you’re trying to sell. All you need is for men to see the knickers up for sale – that’s more than enough to get a great deal of potential customers interested in what you have to offer. Try and take a photo of the panties and show a little skin, such as a pretty hipbone or part of your thighs; that’s more than just attractive to a male customer and is bound to gain you more success than you had trying to offer panties without pictures of you wearing them on your body.

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