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Mistakes you should avoid making in the used panties business

It’s very easy to make some mistakes in the naughty business without even realising it. We suggest you to pay a lot of attention and have in mind some common errors that every used panties seller can make. This is going to help you develop your business without having troubles and worrying a lot.

Here are some of the most important things that you should keep in mind when you are in contact with used panties buyers.

Being extremely confident and intimidating
Naturally it’s good to be a confident woman, however at some point it may become intimating for the buyers. Try to balance between being confident and looking trustful. This is going to make the clients chat with you a lot more and confide in you. Extreme confidence can repulse a lot of men and make them abstain from connecting with you. Staying aware of your general appearance and the emotions that you express is going to help you a lot in your used panties negotiations. The buyers are going to be a lot more attracted to you being a more humble woman while having your own standards and expectations.

Letting the buyers control your schedule
There are used panties sellers that focus too much not their clients and start to organise their own schedule according to their needs. This is an erroneous behaviour that is going to leave a wrong impression in the clients and make them exploit you without you even realising it. It doesn’t matter how much excited and dedicated you are to the used panties business, it’s good to make your own life a priority and then include the used panties sales in your schedule. This is going to make your buyers respect you more and have in mind your own requirements as well. Men prefer women that are unavailable and hard to get as well.

Posting too many classifieds
Posting a lot of used panties for sale can overwhelm the buyers and make them start wondering about your offers too much. Having a moderate amount of classifieds is going to make it easier for the clients to choose and invest. It’s good to have variety in your offers, however too much of it starts to divert the attention of the clients. Set a weekly limit of used panties classifieds that you would like to post. This is going to give you a general perspective on your performance online, how you should organise yourself and participate in the community. It’s useful for you and your used panties buyers, giving you a better experience online.

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