Getting started

The beginning is the most difficult phase in any area and you’ll need to make one significant commitment: your time and a little bit of money. Don’t underestimate the time you’ll spend organizing and managing your profile on marketplaces or homepage. You may also need to spend some time establishing contacts with buyers, promoting you offers or answering questions. At first, taking photographs or designing your homepage will be difficult and exhausting, but with time you’ll gain more experience and the tasks will be easier and quicker.

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One of the most important first step is research. Use the internet to find websites offering used panties. Find out how the women present themselves, for how much they sell their used panties, what payment and shipping methods they use or how they promote their website. Make a list of information you want to find out. You mustn’t steal ideas, but you can get inspired by other people’s work.

Be creative and think about how to present yourself. How can you give the panties your personal touch? Think about what you need and what your expenses will be. For example, you should organize a camera, packaging, and of course the panties. Besides, think about how many information about yourself you want to reveal online. Depending on your decision, you may want to ensure your anonymity by selling under a different name or getting a PO-Box instead of a street address. As you need to answer the buyers’ questions, you may want to get an additional email account. You also have to organize the mailing and payment options.

Don’t overestimate your abilities and luck. Start small and build up you web presence step by step.

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