Auctioning and selling websites

A lot of options are available for selling used panties. For beginners it’s recommended to join an auctioning or selling website to get experience in presentation and selling. There are some websites promoting used panties sells but only few specialized on it. In general, homepages offer all kinds of erotic products and panties are a small part of them. If you’re thinking about expanding your offers to other products, some general adult selling homepages are useful since you’re not restricted to used panties only.

Some of those portals are,, The advantage of these websites is that you are not responsible for the homepage and the sells don’t take much time. These websites offer a platform to present yourself to potential buyers and to communicate with them. Furthermore, they usually have their own payment service that ensures the seller’s and buyer’s anonymity. and are free to join and provide options to stay anonymous. However, reserves the right to charge for their services and doesn’t stand alone with it. Depending on the website you or the buyer may be required to pay a fee for selling/buying. With creating an account you’re ask to enter some personal information including your credit or debit card number. Usually, the websites have to keep them to themselves but nevertheless you should make sure they mention this in their terms and conditions. Some websites may also demand special auction designs or disclaimers.

Blogs and independent homepages

Experienced sellers may want to leave auctioning websites and move to a higher level. They’ve successfully sold some panties and started to build up a network of buyers. Now they believe it’s time to become independent. Programming a homepage sounds scary, but the basic steps are actually easy. You won’t need a degree in computer sciences. On the internet you find pre-created frames and a list of the most important codes. For your first web design it is sufficient to start small. Some sellers use the basic frames and only have a few links leading to their offers with pictures, terms and conditions, contact formulas, payment, FAQ and a presentation of who they are. A few experienced sellers even demand buyers to join and sign into a restricted area, but that is no necessary option and is more complicated to program. As used panties are adult products, a few sellers warn visitors up front that they have to be at least eighteen to enter. Doing so, they are legally on the safe side.

On blogs, codes are pre-installed most of the time. Therefore, you can practice on these websites before starting on your own. In general, blogs are for free and you won’t have additional expenses. Unfortunately, some providers don’t allow erotic contents. The same goes for some webhosts, especially those that offer free webspace. Examples of used panties friendly hosts are,, Weebly or Webstarts.

An alternative to get webspace is purchasing your own domain. The costs range from about $10 to $30 per year. There are many providers and they’re easy to find on the internet. In this case you’re independent and you can do whatever you want. However, you’re legally responsible for the contents starting from you website’s design over payment and contact options for buyers to advertisement.

Promotion and networking

To make your homepage or blog known and to get a reputation you need to promote yourself. Networking is important to keep in touch with regular buyers and other used panties sellers. You’re not alone on earth and not all panties’ sellers are hostile towards you. It is useful to have some contacts that can help you with problems or to exchange experiences and news with. For promoting your store, ask them to link it on their homepages. Other promotion platforms can be Twitter or Facebook. Using these, you can stay in contact with buyers and other sellers and inform them about your actions and future plans. Some buyers may want a personal connection to make them stay.

However, if these options invade your personal space too much, you don’t need them. Often auctioning and selling websites allow you to link your homepage in your offers. By using auctioning and your own store together, you can advertise and increase your circle of regular buyers.

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