Preparing & Anonymity

Preparing the panties

Your efforts will circle around all kinds of panties. It is not enough to buy and wear them, though. While buying panties, you should think about how much they cost, how they look and of what fabric they are made. Do you want to sell single colored or multi colored panties? Should they be regular panties, thongs or in a boyish style? It’s completely up to you, as there are all kinds of panties on the market.

You can’t start wearing them immediately after buying, as new panties have their own odor that might suppress your body’s scent. Panties smell like the store, the fabrics they are made of or the chemicals they are colored with. Even thought these smells are often subtle, they are there and especially regular buyers will notice them. To make your scent dominant it is recommended to wash the panties multiple times. Try sniffing the washed panties to see if they smell neutral.

Unfortunately, many washing agents, even unscented versions, usually contain substances that reduce the admission of body smell. Therefore, look for hypoallergenic and natural organic options. Simple washing soda or unscented soap can be another option. Depending on the buyer you may want to perfume the panties in addition to your body scent. After all, you need to pay attention to your product’s quality since you want the buyer to return.

As you don’t know when a buyer purchases a pair of your offered used panties, it wouldn’t be wise to wear them in advance and leave them lying around for a couple of days. The panties may develop or get exposed to some unwelcome scents. There are sellers who wear the panties while auctioning them, but generally it is recommended to start wearing the panties after the payment arrived. In this case, you won’t “work” for nothing. Whatever you do, tell the buyer for how long you’ll wear the panties.

The right presentation: photography and video

No matter if you sell on an auctioning website or on your independent homepage, you need a good presentation to stand out. It is obligatory to load up photographs of the used panties you want to sell. Potential buyers want to see what they purchase and it is an easy way to gain trust. People remember pictures better than words.

Again, you don’t need to be an expert in photography to shoot good pictures. A normal camera or even your smart phone will be sufficient. With more experience you may consider buying a better device. With professional cameras the file size might become a problem; often uploading large files is limited. File sizes of everyday cameras are always fine, though. You can also change the picture’s format to decrease file size and quality on your computer. The same is true for videos. It is enough to use a normal webcam, but experienced sellers may want to increase the quality by using professional devices. Keep in mind that a video file is much larger than a picture file.

More important than the quality of the picture is your creativity. You need to think about a way to present your panties. Some beginners may choose to only shoot a picture of the panty lying on a surface. Most sellers, however, take photographs of themselves wearing the panties they want to sell. This proves to the buyer that there is an actual person behind/in them. In general, a picture of the pelvic region is sufficient. More courageous women take pictures of a larger part of their bodies. Remember to take photos from the front and the rear but apart from that you can fully use your creativity. Some advanced sellers often take pictures of their whole body wearing the panties. Some even show their faces. Do what you feel best with, try different positions and play with light and angles.

Taking photographs of your body may lead to problems. The easiest way is to ask a friend to shoot the picture. If you are alone you need to find another way. All cameras have timers. With a tripod or simply a firm place to put the camera you should be fine. Professional photographers recommend taking many photos of the same situation, as this increases the chance to get the perfect one.

It is helpful to know that besides writing photographs fall under copyright, too. Concerning photographs the copyright regulations are even more complicated than for texts. Therefore, don’t steal other people’s work and keep an open eye on people stealing yours. At “TinEye Reverse Image Search” for example, you can upload your photo or the photo’s URL and a search engine looks for pictures with the same data and even determines the web host you can contact. Some homepage administrators watermark their pictures. Use any painting program on your computer and write you name, URL, etc. on it. You can keep track of your pictures and moreover, it will be advertisement for you.

Similar rules apply for videos. Think about what you want to show and how you want to move. You may want to add music or sound. Furthermore, be careful of buyers who demand photographs or videos for free. You might give them access to more material only if they purchased the used panties or you can sell them as an extra service.

Anonymity and personal space

Selling or buying used panties is a delicate matter. For some buyers and sellers it’s important to keep their identity for themselves and not to give away personal information on the internet. Therefore, a used panty seller should think about how much they want to reveal about themselves. There is no need to give away the real name and a photo looks great without a face on it. A seller may consider having sent possible mail to a PO-Box instead of a street name. There are also some payment options, in which neither the buyer’s nor the seller’s name appear. Used panties sellers should also respect their buyer’s personal space as far as possible. Auctioning and selling websites usually ensure anonymity during the selling and payment process. If you own a homepage, you’ll have to take care of it.
Payment options

As you want to make money with selling used panties payment might be the most important issue for you. Especially during the payment process your and the buyer’s anonymities can be exposed very easily. Not all buyers may want to give out their credit or debit card information. Paypal seems a good idea and some sellers use it, but Paypal doesn’t want their members to sell sexual orientated material. A violation of this may result in account suspension or fines.

An alternative payment option is to accept cash or money orders. However, this way you reveal your address. To stay anonymous you could get a PO-Box, for example. Many advanced sellers only provide this payment option for regular buyers. Another option is getting gift cards. Instead of paying, the buyers purchase (virtual) gift cards from different shops.

Some sellers from the US accept prepaid cards. That means you have to obtain a GreenDot debit card, which is available online or in some shops. You can reload so called Money Paks that are available in different big stores all over the US. Your used panties’ buyer purchases a Money Pak and sends you the code on the back of the card or receipt. With this code you can reload your debit card and gain access to the money. Unfortunately, the stores usually demand an extra fee for the Money Pak, meaning you have to inform the buyer about it before he chooses this option.



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