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Sell Used Panties – The Ultimate Web Help Guide for Beginners

A couple of years ago, a new trend reached the western world: selling used panties. The idea’s origin lies in Japan with its “burusera” stores selling women’s used clothing. Worn panties rank among to the most popular items of these stores and even vending machines exist. In America and Europe more and more women over eighteen start selling their used panties online, because it meets their creativity in presenting themselves in a naughty way, earns them some extra money and is a lot of fun. There are enough niches for women with different personalities and expectations.

Nevertheless, selling is a business and therefore, you need to consider some issues before establishing an online store. There are different ways to sell used panties on the internet. No matter what you do, always communicate with the potential customers. Keep them informed and give them choices. Be creative and be open, but know how much you want to reveal about yourself and respect the buyer’s wish for anonymity. Think about possible situations that might occur and make sure to explain your terms.

The only place for your dirty panties is the washing basket, you say? Then you need to meet men who would pay you money for you not to toss them in the washing machine. What may sound disgusting to you when you first hear of it is actually a fetish many men have, some more actively than others. If you’re looking for a little sideline to do without much effort, then selling your worn panties to fetishists may be an attractive idea for you, provided you’re open-minded and don’t mind working in a field you wouldn’t necessarily tell your mom and dad about.

Men and your dirty panties
Perhaps you can’t imagine what a man would want with your used, dirty knickers. Then think twice: What would a man do with anything he can get hold of that once belonged to a pretty lady? There you go. If that’s no issue for you, then selling worn panties and earning money is for you. All you need is to register with a portal offering you contact to customers interested in buying. There you put up your knickers for sale, negotiate on your terms, send the panties to the customer’s address, and receive your payment via the site without ever letting the customer know who you are. That way you stay perfectly safe and can earn money without having to do anything unpleasant for it.

What do you need to sell dirty knickers?
It doesn’t take much to start selling worn panties and earning a little extra money doing so. Take a few pictures of the panties you want to put up for sale and offer them before you wear them. Customers will contact you asking you to wear them for a certain amount of time, and you can either accept or decline – don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you’re okay with it, you can offer more pictures, for example of you wearing the panties, but you don’t have to if you don’t like the thought.



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