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Published on August 1st, 2013 | by coleslaw


What is your particular panty fetish?

Out of the many feelings which can keep us interested, motivated or even anxious about something, curiosity is certainly one of them; a fire which burns from the inside, desperately seeking to discover, reveal and explore what is hidden. No different from any other hidden treasure, what lies beneath our panties is – and always will be – a source of many interests, stories and fetishes.

What is your particular panty fetish? Surely you have experienced a range of different feelings and emotions according to the color, shape, texture, feel or even smell of the underwear you have seen, touched or even eaten. In reality, panties is only a generic name given to multiple types of intimate clothing pieces, which can range from bodystockings and unitards, to petticoats and thongs. We’ve got it all covered – or uncovered, depending on the way you like to look at it -, especially for you and your most extravagant panty fetish.

Given that we are delivering you the goods, it’s up to you to explore the endless world of panties and lingerie in the way which most pleases you. Get your imagination going to the wildest of places and the spiciest of scenes with the some of the most provocative panties. We want to take you through the slithery feel of leather – making blood rush and goosebumps rise -, the sensual intricacy of laced fabric and ribbons and the gentle smoothness of silk.

If you are unhappy with your sex life or unable to satisfy your panty fetish at home, this could well be the inspiration you needed. Have you ever dreamt about how your wife or girlfriend would look in leopard lingerie? Do you often fantasize about tight leggings, which tremendously increase your sexual desire because of their color, feel or simply because of the way they cover the body seamlessly and sensually? We all have our panty fetish, and it is only natural that we do. In the end, panties and lingerie possess the magic of suggesting something precious while not giving things away at first glance; a true object of lust and desire which, in some cases, you can not help but imagine, while in others you find the doors are wide open, welcoming you to explore and savor the wonders of your very own panty festish with will and ease.

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