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Published on November 15th, 2012 | by coleslaw


sell wet panties

The only place for your wet, worn panties is the washing basket, or so you say. But did you know there are men out there who would pay you money if you were willing to change your decision. Give it a try, sell your wet panties to a fetishist and discover an easy and pleasant way of earning a little money besides your regular income doing what you do day in, day out anyway.

What is it with wet panties?
Let’s confess what we all know already: men love pretty women. They love everything about them, ranging from their scent to the reflection of sunlight in their hair when they stroll past. Some men have a very special favorite about a lady, and that’s her worn, used, wet panties. They’d do anything for a pretty girl to hand them on to them instead of wash them and ruin what makes them special, her very special and most intimate scent. They’d even pay money, and that’s where the ladies interested in earning a little extra money come in. They put their wet panties up for sale and offer them to anyone willing to pay their price. Then they negotiate on how long to wear them for and what else to do with them, depending on how wet and dirty their customers really want their panties to be; and then all they do is stuff them in an envelope, send them to their customer, and look forward to having earned some money alongside their regular income.How do I sell wet panties?
If you’re wondering how to sell your wet panties, then here’s an easy way to a sideline that doesn’t consume much more time than you invest already. You register with a safe site offering to connect buyers and sellers. These may cost a small amount of money at registration, but it’s worth it and you need’t fear you won’t get return on investment. Then you upload your first offer and can be certain your customers will never not pay or find out who you are, at the site caters perfectly for your safety and your payment.

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