panty fetish

Published on November 12th, 2012 | by coleslaw


used panty fetish

Women are thoroughly wonderful beings. Their looks, their attitudes, their bodies, their smell – everything about them can make hundreds and thousands of men fall for them in a trice. Some men have a very special favorite about women: They enjoy the smell of their most private spots. The used panty fetish is more present than ever, offering clever women an easy and quick possibility to earn some extra money doing what they do on a daily basis anyway.So what’s the used panty fetish all about anyway? Men love women, obviously. Some enjoy the way their hair wafts in the wind, others love watching women flounce past in high heels. Obviously, there’s lots to be fascinated by when it comes to women, and some men simply enjoy the smell of a woman’s most intimate parts of her body. There’s hardly anything they wouldn’t do to get hold of a lady’s worn knickers, which have protected exactly these parts of her body for several hours a day and have thus taken in a rather large part of her very personal smell. Men often need a bit more than mere fantasies to get turned on when on their own, and worn knickers are exactly what fetishists dream of when it comes to inspirational ideas.Women profit from the used panty fetish as they can sell their worn knickers to interested customers. You needn’t think about what they’ll do with your panties in detail if you don’t like the thought; all you do is wear them for as long as you arranged and feel comfortable with, and then you send them to the customer and that’s it. You earned some easy money there doing what you hopefully do daily anyway. So if you happen to have a few pairs of pretty panties you don’t necessarily wear too often and wouldn’t miss, go give it a try and you’re sure to return soon selling the next pair and looking forward to easily earned extra income.

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