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Published on November 17th, 2012 | by coleslaw


sell used underwear

You would normally toss your used underwear right into the washing basket where it causes nothing but work, needing a thorough wash. Do you really feel like work, using resources such as water and washing powder, and spending time doing the laundry? If you don’t and you’re an open-minded lady willing to try out something new, then selling your used underwear might be for you.

You may be wondering who on earth buys used underwear. Haven’t you ever noticed that women are goddesses in flesh and blood to some men? They love every aspect about you: Your hair, your beauty, your gait – and your smell. And it’s not only the smell of your skin, your hair or your entire body they love, some men have a fetish for the scent of a lady’s most intimate parts. As they probably won’t ever get in closer touch with them, garments that do are worth gold to them. All you need to do is wear your panties just as you would normally, however you don’t wash them but sell them to interested customers. You register with a network for sellers and customers of used underwear, which makes sure you stay safe and anonymous all throughout the process.

If you want to try out selling used underwear, start off with a fairly feminine pair you wouldn’t miss if you didn’t have it anymore. Make sure you don’t go selling your grandma’s brown cotton knickers, they have to be a bit sexy and erotic as that’s what it’s all about anyway. Take a few photos of the panties up for sale and decide on whether you’re okay wearing them or whether you prefer taking a neutral photo of them without any part of your body involved. Then you put them up for sale, negotiate on how long you’re willing to wear them, and then all you do is send them to the customer and look forward to having earned a little extra income not having done much for it.

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