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A Guide to selling used panties

Used and worn underwear is no more a waste thing. Thanks to Sites like Pantydeal women can now earn money selling underwear. If you have used underwear then you can easy sell them online and earn handsome money in the process. There are many men and fetish buyers who are looking to buy women’s panties and hence you too can sell them. Let us read how:

Earn money by selling used panties online

Step 1: Buy hot and sexy underwear

If you want to sell used underwear and your used panties for money, then the first thing that you have to do is get some panties for yourself. Make sure that the underwear will suit the needs of men and the fetish buyers. Once you get yourself a few hot and amazing panties, you are ready to flaunt them on the website.

Step 2: Cater to the needs of the buyers

You might be knowing that a large percentage of the buyers of the panties is constituted by men and fetish buyers. So you have to be ready to provide underwear which can catch their attention. If you want to earn money selling underwear then you have to wear these panties for a few times and then sell them. This is because many fetish buyers prefer to buy panties which are either worn many times or are used during “special” occasions. Once you are done with the buying market, get ready to promote the products.

Step 3: Take sexy photos and hot videos of you and your used panties

If you want your panties to be different from the other ones, then make them extra special by posting hot photos and videos. This is the main trick to selling used panties online. Wear your hot panties and strike up an excellent pose which can appeal to the men. Always keep in mind that the photos or the videos should be in very good quality so that the buyers can have a good look at them. Videos should be short and enticing so that your panties are easily sold online. Take a few photos and then upload the best ones from them.

Step 4: You are ready to start doing business on Pantydeal

Now that you have the photos and the videos, you should visit Pantydeal and upload them on the website. Selling used panties online is not very difficult once you know these steps. You can also strike up a conversation with the men and the other fetish buyers to whom you want to sell used underwear. This way you will also have an idea about their needs and requirements.

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