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Published on November 17th, 2012 | by coleslaw


Dirty underwear

Dirty underwear is meant for nothing but the washing machine – at least that’s your point of view. However did you know there are men who would even pay for a pair of your dirty knickers? Well, then you ought to read on and find out more on how open-minded ladies can earn a little bit of extra money by selling their dirty underwear to fetishists.

The dirty underwear fetish – what’s it all about?
Dirty underwear may seem rather disgusting to you, but to some men it’s of more value than it was when you first bought it. The reason is your scent. Fetishists are after the smell of a woman’s most intimate parts, and her dirty underwear naturally has a lot to offer in that sense. Thus, they’d be willing to pay a lady for her effort and the pair of panties, giving women a nice and easy-to-do sideline for which they need nothing more than a pair of panties, a day’s time, and an account with a sales portal.

In order to sell your dirty knickers, all you need to do is find a portal offering women and men a safe sphere to trade. As a seller, you simply register and may as well be required to pay a small member fee, as the site needs a little money to stay up and running for you. Don’t worry about your safety, thanks to portals no one will ever find out who you really are – not unless you want them to. Your customers will pay the site first and them you’re required to send them the panties they bought. Thanks to such safety systems, not only will you stay anonymous but you’re also certain to get your money each time. No one will go cheating you here, so if you’re willing to give it a try, make sure to register with a safe portal to be absolutely certain about what you’re doing.

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