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buy worn knickers on pantydeal

Have you ever heard of pantydeal? If you have never heard of it: it is a website where you can offer, and buy, worn knickers.

Girls have the option of signing up and making their used panties into some money which may just come handy in buying new, fancy underwear or whatever else the girl may wish for. They just have to register, offer their worn knickers and wait for someone to buy them. Posting photos of themselves in the underwear they want to sell will make customers more interested, as will filling in the profile with information about themselves. Suggestive photos are also likely to get quite a lot of attention and increase the chance of finding a buyer for their worn panties. Some girls actually offer to do whatever a customer wishes in their panties before putting them up for sale. It may be highly profitable for a girl to be on pantydeal, and there are a good many of them.

Customers can also sign up and visit profiles to look for the kind of panties they fancy. Most often, this is not all about colour or shape but rather about the condition of the panties on sale. Many buyers like underwear that has been worn for a couple of days or that has received stains from sexual intercourse. Typically, while about every seller has photos online, a good many of the users do not as they seem to prefer staying incognito. That is fine, though. The buying community seems to consist mainly of males. Some of them are quite open about what they like, others are a bit shier.

Pantydeal may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Some may find it funny or disgusting, but they are best off not visiting the website then. For others, it is a very good opportunity of selling worn underwear (especially if it is likely to fall apart anyway) instead of tossing it into the bin, or to get what they dream of (used knickers) for a reasonable price.

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buy worn knickers on pantydeal coleslaw



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