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Published on November 24th, 2015 | by author


Winter panties adventures

Winter is almost here and now there’s no place for the sexy mini skirts and colorful dresses. The weather is gloomy and depressing, everybody is staying inside. In such situations the best we can do is to put our creativity in action and invent new ways to experience the frivolous fun we’ve had under the sun. People in New York came with a great a idea years ago and invented The No Pants Subway Ride. Simply people in the subway go with their casual attire like scarves, gloves, coats but with no pants. It’s a funny way to bring some humor and playfulness during the dull and long winter days. It may sound crazy to walk only with panties when there’s -10 C outside. However, fun is not about temperatures here. It’s all about to look for your inner child and play.
The event is held annually not only in the USA but also in Europe, in cities like London, Berlin, Brussels. It’s a quite popular happening. People gather, remove their pants and the time for big smiles and laughs begins. In smaller cities everybody can assemble with same spirited friends and show in the subway or streets how to experiment and enjoy. Indeed there may have amazed or disgusted people but there also will be good surprised open minded ones. Imagine how sleepy you are at the morning or bored from work when you’re going back home and meanwhile some people with no pants stay with confidence next to you. It right away makes you laugh and takes you out of the dull state in which you’re. Such events and gatherings inspire people for actions, for social gatherings, social changes and simply unprecedented acts of humor.
You can show your sexy black lace panties and attract even more attention. Red stockings, silky tops, corsets, every underwear garment can spice things up. Stockings combined with heels can make every man’s look to stick on the female body. However, men can join the game and put on some bright colored panties making women blush. It’s a way to put imagination of many strangers into play and enjoy the funny situations which are about to take place. Put aside your winter clothes and focus on the sexy undergarments, panties, stockings which can enhance the mischievous spirit even more. Winter is so long, so be creative, experiment, no matter if you’re inside or outside, and never forget about your most powerful and sexy garments-your shiny bras and panties!

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