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Hair tendencies and taboos

There have always been debates if women should shave or not. The issue could embrace all parts of the body like armpits, legs, hands, etc. It’s actually a matter of cultural practices, customs and beliefs, changing with history and depending on each individual person or society.
Women started shaving their armpits for the first time in the beginning of 20th century when the fashion changed and the body was exposed more. Nowadays most women shave almost every part of their body in order to be sexy and wear whatever they like. It’s regarded as a way of staying clean and healthy. Every kind of lacy panties could be worn when there’s no hair sticking out. All human beings have pubic hair but people get disgusted by it. For many purposes like aesthetic look, health, convenience, hair is removed. Men would get turned on by cleanly smelling panties and well groomed woman. The soft sensation and the fresh scent are essential for feeling comfortable while exploring each other in the bed.
Apart from that, hair in different parts of the body can be regarded as a sexy feature, a type of fetishism exists. In some societies it is regarded as a sign of maturity and removing it would be a really bad practice. It is believed to be a irrespectful behavior toward one’s body. Also some men get turned on by pubic hair and its look on lacy transparent panties. It can be styled in many different ways according to the personal taste. The feel, the texture of it, make men to desire women’s body and posses it. Moreover, there are people who believe that growing pubic hair means stronger scent, so for making panties’ smell stronger, it’s a perfect technique to be tried.
Removing attention from pubic hair, a trait pertaining to modern societies, has made fur underwear quite popular. It’s like a more luxurious substitute of pubic hair, focusing attention on the furry accessories during sexual play. Scarves, mini coats, and other different furry details of clothing have obtained a sexual meaning and are used during naughtier scenarios and plays. Sexy panties and stocking, together with a furry scarf are the typical attire regarded as provocative and attractive. Wearing fur makes the person wearing it to look quite bold, wild, desiring and ready to do many things. The leopard and tiger-like fabrics themselves are used in making panties, bras, shirt, accessories. It has converted in a widely used trend conveying wealth, luxury and also naughty intentions.
There are variety of implications a pair of furry panties or armpits can have. Time changes our mind and we create newer ways to enjoy it. However, nowadays we’re free to choose and expose our tastes and pleasures, a right we should appreciate for liberating our imagination and desires,

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