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Affect used panties buyers through colours

The colours are a major way for people to express themselves and choose with who to interact. The entire body with all of its features, the clothes and lingerie have influence over the impressions of the people. Therefore, you should take this in mind in order to make your used lingerie offers more profitable. The used panties buyers are highly affected by female appearance, lingerie colours and hair.

Hair colours
There are some men that are into blond women and other that prefer brunettes. This could be a factor in the used lingerie sales as well if you take photos with the lingerie on. You can’t get to know such a personal type of taste that easily, but you can try to find out more about it chatting with the used panties buyer himself. Making different exotic hairstyles can be very sexy next to lingerie, and make the client invest, and that way you can convert your disadvantage of not having a specific hair colour, into something very efficiently working.

Lingerie nuances
Naturally, the lingerie’s colours is the most important when it comes to erotic colours. The approach you should undertake depends on how much information you’ve got about your clients. If you know a used panties buyer well with his favourite colours of panties, then you can straight away make deals with him. However, for the clients you’ve never known all you need to do is suggest different colours panties, predominately the most classic nuances. From then on you can orientate yourself gradually into their tastes and with time perfect your understanding.

Eye types
The colours of the eyes of the women attract the male attention as well. If you photo shoot your sexy look the used panties buyers are going to be impressed by the combination between the make up, eye colour, skin colour and lingerie nuance. The blend of these feminine features makes the males go after certain women and pick them than others. It’s important to find the balance between the features of yours, and it definitely will make the used panties buyers notice the sexy aspect.

Simple playing with colours can help you a lot when you deal with the used panties clients. It’s easy to impress with bright coloured lingerie or count on your natural features. Just pay attention to the most useful of them and put them in practice actively. That’s how you’re going to find one of their favourite things and make them satisfied clients.

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