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What can I sell to make money – wet panties!

Selling wet panties is not as demanding as it may sound. All that is required is a well known used panty website like Pantydeal, since the internet is the sole market place to sell wet panties at the moment. In addition, such a website provides anonymity for those who would prefer not to meet their clients in person.

However, as beginner, it is advisable to use an established website that offers guidelines on how to get started and offers support on how to deal with different customers as well. Here you can find the best Websites.



Sell wet panties like a professional

It is quite easy to sell worn panties as a professional and to make it a full time job. There a number of young girls and family women who are making as much as 400 dollars extra selling wet panties. To upgrade to a professional dirty panties seller, you ought to join a website that offers a wide range of services to their sellers. Additionally, you should be keen to ensure that you are paid by the website unlike having to deal with the customer direct. This will protect you from scam clients who may not pay you even after shipping the wet panties to them. Finally, you could establish your own worn panties website. However, this may be challenging since you will have to integrate with different payment systems which may not be easy.

Finding the right customers

Just like any other business, you are required to look for customers so that you can sell. The best places to look for customers in this case is joining men and women portals where you can chart with people who have panty fetish. This way, you are able to advertise you business and woo potential clients. These portals may require you to pay a small registration fee. You should consider the registration fee as an investment since you are going to get a good number of clients and thus make more money.

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