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Things that buyers like but you think they dislike them

There are a lot of features and garments that you wouldn’t think about including when selling used underwear. It’s good to think about all the options and embrace variety when selling used panties. Men love exploring variety and enjoy some characteristics you wouldn’t dare to include. However, you can always rethink your selling strategies and experiment more with the used panties sales.

Smelly socks
Men like the sexy black used stockings which remind them of the beautiful feminine legs. Moreover, they would like to have a proper pair of used socks. Female garments and accessories can look lovely, especially pink and cute everyday socks. They are permeated with all of the sexy female odors which men like. Including them is a nice way to find new methods of gaining money and making buyers excited with variety.

Sweaty panties
Used panties are hot, but sweaty used panties can be even hotter and more precious for the buyers, especially in the summer season. Wearing panties in the hot weather or during a gym workout can augment their price and make them a special purchase for the clients. Sweat contains pheromones that mix with the rest of the female odors, creating a pleasant blend of feminine smells.

Period panties
Wearing the special period panties or just making a normal pair dirty, can be very hot for some buyers. Naturally, this depends on the buyers’ preferences, but there are a lot of men that would love to have such a pair of panties. The sexual perversions and fetishes are so variable that experimenting with each one should be definitely considered. Selling used period panties is a good way to challenge yourself and try new things, while getting buyers impressed by the spicy offers.

Used garments
All types of used clothes can be sold together with the used panties, just attention should be paid to making them smell sexily or look hot. After sex garments like lingerie, ripped stockings or sexy lacy shirts and skirts can all be quite sexy and profitable. The key technique is to make them smell in a feminine way with perfumes and sweat, or aim for recreating very erotic worn out during hot activities clothes. It’s just a kinky idea that can be personalized and developed by every used panties seller.

Incorporating innovative items when selling used panties can add a playful spirit and fresh look to the offers. Buyers adore variety and would be fascinated to explore the unusual garments. It’s good to get creative with the used panties sales and get naughty, in order to make more profits and have fun.

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